FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D PrinterFlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer

FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer

3.67 out of 5
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With its sleek, lightweight, and compact design, FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite is one of the best FDM 3D printers for a seamless printing experience. 


FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer

The Adventure 3 Lite 3D Printer comes with a removable nozzle made with stainless steel tube material, that heats up fast up to 200°C (392°F) in 50 seconds.

FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer has a flexible and removable build plate that prevents printing objects from sticking and makes them easy to remove.

With the touchscreen interface, the printer status information can be accessed quickly and easily, making it easy for users to operate the printer.

Flashforge adventurer 3 lite FDM 3d printer provides a quiet printing experience in classrooms, homes, and offices with a range of filaments


  • Extruder Quantity:  Single
  • Build Volume:  150 x 150 x 150 MM (5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 IN)
  • Layer Resolution:  0.1 ~ 0.4 MM
  • Nozzle Diameter:  0.4 MM (0.015 IN)
  • Max. Printing Temperature:  240°C (464°F)
  • Max. Build Plate Temperature:  100°C (212°F)
  • Filament Diameter:  1.75 MM (0.069 IN)
  • Filament Compatibility:  PLA, ABS, Ultra Strong PLA, PLA Color Change, Metal-Filled, Wood, and High-Speed PLA
  • Max. Print Speed: 100mm/s 

Mechanical & Dimensions

  • Screen: 2.8-inch Touch Screen
  • Frame and Body: ABS and PC
  • Product Dimensions: 388 x 380 x 405 MM (15.3 x 15 x 16 IN)
  • Net Weight: 19.85 LBS (9 KG)
  • Gross Weight: 28.7 LBS (13 KG)
  • Spool Hold Diameter: 52 MM (2.05 IN)


  • Power Input: 100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
  • Power Output: 24 V, 6.25 A
  • Power: 150 W
  • Connectivity: USB Stick, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi


  • Software: FlashPrint
  • File Input Format: 3mf / .stl / obj / .fpp
  • File Output Format: gx / .g
  • Supports (OS): Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS X, and Linux


Is the FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer compatible with a 2.85mm thick filament?

No. The FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer prints only 1.75mm or less than 1.75mm filament and is not compatible with 2.85mm filament. 

What’s the maximum possible length and width of the print it can generate?

The FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer can generate a 6 x 6 x 6 inches 150 x 150 x 150 mm large 3D model. 

Does the FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer has wifi connectivity?

No. the FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer doesn’t feature WIFI connectivity. You can consider Flashforge Adventure 3 for enjoying WIFI connectivity. 

Additional information



Materials Supported



Ethernet, Flash Cloud, Polar Cloud, USB, Wifi

Auto Leveling


Heated Bed

Glass, Yes

Number of Extruders


Print Resolution

200 microns

Print Speed

Up to 100 mm/s

Print Volume

5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches

Product Dimensions

Item Weight

3 reviews for FlashForge Adventurer 3 Lite 3D Printer

  1. michael
    3 out of 5


    Extremely quick heat up nozzle to 200 degrees
    removable hated build plate that makes removal of printed objects hustle free
    2.8 inch touch screen
    decibel noise level giving an ultra quiet printing operation
    no levelling of build plate required
    filament compatibility

  2. michael
    3 out of 5


    The setup of the printer is minimal and only involves calibrating the device, loading the filament, and connecting to a wireless network before you can start printing. The 2.8-inch touchscreen LCD is responsive, and easy to read. This would be a nice first choice as the learning curve is not steep and the enclosure makes it quiet.

  3. michael
    5 out of 5


    This printer is a feature-packed 3D printer that outperforms many printers in the sub-price range. It offers the same features as Adventurer 3 except for a filament run-out sensor and integrated webcam remotely for monitoring prints. The printer is designed with a simple unboxing and setup process in mind, making it an ideal solution for high school teachers, students, or anyone who wants to get started quickly and without hassle. The printer comes with a Quick Start Guide, a power cord, a sample filament spool, and a few tools for adjusting various points on the printer. The 2.8-inch touchscreen LCD is the printer’s primary interface, and I found it to be bright, responsive, and easy to read. Through the touchscreen, I could initiate filament loading, calibrate the printer’s bed, connect to a wireless network, and monitor real-time statistics as the printer was running.

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