NaoSIn-Ni 3D PrinterNaoSIn-Ni 3D Printer

NaoSIn-Ni 3D Printer

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NaoSIn-Ni is a highly precise, faster, and reliable 3D printer. It has 20-200mm/s printing speed, ± 0.01mm positioning accuracy, and supports multiple filament types.


NaoSIn-Ni 3D Printer features excellent hotbed material that provides a rapid heating bed (less than 5 minutes). In case of an unexpected power shortage or filament runout, the printer will automatically stop the printing process.

It will resume printing from the last extruder position when the new filament is added or the power supply is restored.

For the convenience of novices or beginners, the printer comes 90% assembled. The user just has to install the bracket and nozzle and connect a few cables before the printer is ready to start printing.

The printer supports more than one filament type making it a multi-optional 3D printer. The best filaments to be used in this printer are PLA, PETG, and ABS.

In addition, the NaoSIn-Ni 3D Printer is compatible with Windows, and Mac systems, and offers SD card connectivity. Rapid turbo fans in this printer allow for faster prototyping and quicker heat dissipation.

Auto-leveling spring eliminates the need for manual leveling which was a major problem for the novices. It has 3.5 inches color touch screen for better user interaction with the machine.


Model:                                          BLUER

Print material:                          PLA, ABS, PETG

Filament diameter:               1.75mm

Machine material:                      Sheet metal

Operating language:            EN, RU, ES, FR, KR, ZH-CN

Number of nozzles:               1

Software format:                  STL, OBJ, JPG

Nozzle diameter:                 0.4mm

Print file format:                          G-Code

Molding platform size:            235*235*280mm

Machine size:                        L410*W400*H520mm

Print size:                        230*230*280mm

Package size:                       L590*W315*H150mm

Printing accuracy:                 ±0.1-0.2mm

Layer thickness:                   0.1-0.4mm

Printing method:                   SD card/online printing

Power supply:                        220V/110V 360W

Display:                                3.5-inch color touchscreen

Operating system:                Windows, Mac

Machine speed                     10-300mm/s

Support software:                       Repeter-Host Cura

Printing speed                      20-200mm/s

Printing platform:                     Hotbed

Extrusion head temperature:       260°C

XY axis positioning accuracy:          ± 0.01mm

Hotbed maximum temperature:     100°C

Z-axis positioning accuracy:            ±0.004mm

Temperature                       5-40°C

Humidity:                          20-60%


What are the build dimensions of the NaoSIn-Ni 3D printer?

NaoSIn-Ni 3D printer has a large build volume i.e., 320*320*420mm (12.6*12.6*16.5 inches).

Is the NaoSIn-Ni 3D printer silent?

Yes, it has a TMC2208 silent drive that makes it function at low decibels.

Does the NaoSIn-Ni 3D printer come fully assembled?

No, the NaoSIn-Ni 3D printer is a fully-opened and partially assembled printing device that needs only 3 steps to be assembled completely. 

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Materials Supported




Auto Leveling


Heated Bed


Number of Extruders


Print Resolution

100 – 400 microns

Print Speed

20 – 200 mm/s

Print Volume

9 x 9 x 11 inches

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