QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D PrinterQIDI Tech X-Plus 3D Printer

QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D Printer

4.50 out of 5
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The QIDI Tech X-Plus is a professional desktop 3D printer that can create high-quality, durable parts with its innovative technology and easy-to-use design. 


QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D Printer

The QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D printing machine comes with everything you need to get started on printing with complex/advanced materials. 

This 3D printer includes two different extruders: one for printing with general materials such as PLA, ABS, and TPU: and the second for printing complex materials such as Nylon, Carbo Fiber, and PC.

All these materials can be used by assembling into a complete working order for smoother printing; place general filaments (PLA, TPU, PETG) outside the system and the advanced filaments (Nylon, Carbo Fiber, and PC) inside. No soldering or special skills are required.

Moreover, its updated double Z-axis ensures more stability and compatibility for large-size prints over the build volume of 5.7 x 5.7 x 5.7 inches. Its 4.3- inch touch screen with a large and new UI makes operating the machine a breeze – resulting in efficient printing

What makes this printer set apart is its movable and curved metal plate, which can be used multiple times. With this efficient and reliable printing machine, we guarantee that you will be able to produce high-quality prints from day 1.


  • Technology: FDM
  • Manufacturer: Qidi Tech


  • Build volume: 270 x 200 x 200 mm
  • Feeder system: Direct drive
  • Print head: Single nozzle
  • Nozzle size: 0.4 mm
  • Max. hot end temperature: 260 / 300 ℃
  • Max. heated bed temperature: 100 ℃
  • Print bed material: PEI
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Bed leveling: Manual (assisted)
  • Connectivity:  USB, WiFi, Lan
  • Print recovery: Yes
  • Filament sensor: Yes
  • Camera: No


  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Third-party filament: Yes
  • Filament materials: Consumer materials (PLA, ABS, PETG, Flexibles)


  • Recommended slicer: Cura, Simplify3D
  • Operating system: Windows, Mac OSX
  • File types: STL, OBJ, AMF


  • Frame dimensions: 710 x 540 x 520 mm
  • Weight: 23 kg


What’s the difference between QIDI Tech X-Plus and MAX 3D Printers?

The biggest difference between QIDI Tech X-Plus and MAX 3D Printers are their build volumes (Max= 300x250x300mm vs Plus= 270x200x200mm) and touch screens (Max=5″ vs Plus= 4.3″). 

Is QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D printer features a double extruder?

No. The QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D Printer has a single extruder and the manufacturers offer an additional extruder (on-demand) which is an upgraded single extruder model. 

Does the yellow banner on the QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D printer removable?

Yes. However, it will leave its mark, and the glue with which it is attached will not be removed easily. 

Additional information



Materials Supported



SD Card

Auto Leveling


Heated Bed


Number of Extruders


Print Resolution

50 – 400 Microns

Print Speed

30 – 150 mm/s

Print Volume

5.7 x 5.7 x 5.7 inches

Product Dimensions

Item Weight

4 reviews for QIDI Tech X-Plus 3D Printer

  1. michael
    4 out of 5


    it is fantastic because it has a large premium printer with an enclosed space for industrial users
    it has 2 sets of direct drive extruders and internal and external filament holders
    it has quiet printing
    fitted with wi-fi connection and a computer monitor interface
    has a colour touch screen, assisted leveling
    has automatic shut down feature after printing
    a break even print that allows continuation of printing after power outage

  2. michael
    5 out of 5


    This is a high-end printer with a splendid appearance. I like how the manufacturer used full metal support to ensure printing stability. The printer is enclosed to keep the temperatures constant and protect you from harmful fumes. You enjoy the user-friendly slicing software with simple and professional patterns. I also love that this printer has two extruders; extruder A is compatible with ABS, TPU, and PLA filaments, while extruder B can print Nylon, carbon fiber, and PC. The printer has a print recovery feature and a runout detector for efficiency.

  3. michael
    4 out of 5


    This printer is large and has an enclosed space ideal for printing with advanced filaments. The double Z-axis driver provides more stability and precision especially when printing large models. I noticed some lag while trying to print via Wi-Fi but I was still able to get my designs uploaded and printed. As for the quality, both large and small prints are well detailed with no visible print artifacts and the automatic levelling just makes print preparation a little easier.

  4. michael
    5 out of 5


    The X-Plus might be a great bang for your buck whether you are a newbie or a seasoned user. It is a performance desktop 3D printer targeted to semi-professional users and with a consumer-friendly price. The large build volume, the 50-micron layer resolution, and the temperature-controlled environment allow producing quality parts hassle-free. The printer comes with two interchangeable extrusion units. With the two different extruder equipment, the X-Plus can process both consumer-grade filaments, including PLA, ABS, PETG and TPU, and specialty filaments, such as Nylon, PC, and Carbon Fiber. The printer is factory assembled and simple to use; anyone with no particular skills can efficiently operate it.

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