RSTJ-Sjef 3D PrinterRSTJ-Sjef 3D Printer

RSTJ-Sjef 3D Printer

4.50 out of 5

RSTJ-Sjef is a fully-enclosed 3D printer having 11.8*8.8*12.6 inches build volume, 150mm/s printing speed, and Online or TF card offline connectivity. It provides premium quality, highly precise, and dual color prints and has a friendly-interface design making it easy to operate for beginners.


RSTJ-Sjef 3D Printer features a dual extruder for 2 dual color printing, partially enclosed, laser welded, and metal body. It has a break resuming option which is helpful in saving time, user’s precious print, and resources.

It has a stable metal bottom to minimize the vibrational effect of the printer which in turn increases the printer’s accuracy, the gloss of the model, and surface accuracy to a great extent.

The printer will detect the filament runout or some unexpected power supply trouble and resume the printing process. Upon the favorable power supply or new filament, it will resume printing exactly from the layer it left off.

The installation of a 6mm aluminum plate for rapid and stable heating of the hotbed surface prevents model warping. It is kept simple to operate so that beginners and children can use it conveniently.


Molding technology:                                     FDM (Fused Deposition Molding)

Printing size:                                                   300x225x320mm

Machine size:                                                  450x400x600mm

Machine weight:                                             23kg

No. of Extruders:                                         2

Package weight:                                              32.5kg

Layer thickness:                                              0.02~0.4mm

Applicable raw materials:                             PLA, ABS, TPU raw materials, and special consumables

Printing method:                                           Online or TF card offline

Operation interface:                                     Chinese/English switch

Support format:                                             STL/OBJ/AMF

Slicing software:                                            Cura

Computer operating system:                      WIN/XP/MAC/Linux/Vista

Rated voltage:                                                115/230V

Input voltage:                                                 110-260V

Output:                                                            24V

Rated power:                                                  230W

Movement speed:                                         150mm/S


Does the RSTJ-Sjef 3D printer support TPU filament?

Yes, the RSTJ-Sjef 3D printer supports multiple filament types including PLA, ABS, and TPU.

What is the best extruder temperature for PLA?

The best and safest temperature of the extruder for PLA is 65 to 200°C depending upon the printer type and hotbed surface, however, it can be printed on an unheated bed.

Which is the best printer for home use?

Prusa Mini+ 3D is titled as the best 3D printer to be used at home because of its reliability, friendly-interface design, safe to use by kids, and affordability. 

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Materials Supported



SD Card

Auto Leveling


Heated Bed


Number of Extruders


Print Resolution

20 – 400 microns

Print Speed


Print Volume

11.8 x 8.8 x 12.6 inches

Product Dimensions

Item Weight

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