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Artillery Hornet Review: Beginner-Friendly 3D Printer

Artillery has some amazing beginner-friendly 3D printers in its collection, but the Hornet is one of our top favorites. This high-quality, affordable FDM printer is ideal for first-time users; it’s great for teaching kids about 3D printing. Although it was released in 2020, the Artillery Hornet is on-par with newer printers. It has a classic design and makes excellent prints.


Artillery made the Hornet with a metal-integrated structure, making this device solid. The base of this printer is made of aluminum. The Artillery Hornet 3D printer comes in yellow and black. Unlike other Artillery printers, Hornet is 95 percent pre-assembled, which is great for entry-level users. It takes only 3 minutes to finish setting up the Hornet. This device features a compact design with no wires or cables hanging. The power supply located at the base is covered with dust shields for protection. And the software is easy to install. Generally, operating this device is easy.

Artillery Hornet Review: Beginner-Friendly 3D Printer

The Artillery Horney 3D printer weighs about 8kg with a dimension of 470 x 10 x 450 mm.

Build Volume

The Artillery Hornet 3D printer has a print volume of 220 x 220 x 250 mm. These dimensions allow you to build large models. This device is also ideal for building smaller parts for larger designs. The Hornet prints at a maximum speed of 100mm/s.

The Hornet 3D printer has a Bowden-type extruder. This extruder and modular hot end ensure higher printing precision. The Titan Extruder features a stronger extrusion and stable filament feeding. The modular hot end offers fast melting and three-dimensional heat dissipation. Artillery made the hot end with three fans at the front and two on the side. The modular hot end works excellently, improving the performance of this printer. The hot end reaches about 200C in 70 seconds and 250C in 90 seconds, and the heat bed gets to 60C in 120 seconds and about 100c in 6 minutes and 30 seconds. The modular hot end is designed to be easy to mend and repair. This 3D printer also has a copper-coated nozzle designed for high thermal conductivity.

Build Plate

Artillery designed the Hornet printer with a glass-coated tempered platform with an aluminum DC heating plate. This design allows for uniform heating, high-quality printing, and energy saving. The coating on the tempered glass improves filament adhesion and makes it easy to remove your model once it cools down.

Artillery Hornet Review: Beginner-Friendly 3D Printer

Z-Axis motor

The Artillery Hornet 3D printer has a single reverse Z-axis and a patented Z-coupler. These additions ensure smoother printing without the wobbling common with some printers. And the V-shaped pulleys also ensure the printing process is smooth and quiet. There are not many printers that are as quiet as the Hornet.

Control Screen

One of the interesting features of the Artillery Hornet is its screen. Unlike many other 3D printers, the Hornet does not have a modern colored control screen. Instead, the Artillery Hornet has an old-school 12864 mini-display screen. You can control this device using a rotary knob which makes things easy. The restart button is also easy to find.

Power Supply

The Artillery Hornet 3D printer has a wide-voltage power supply adaptable for global voltage usage. It comes with a certified 300W, 100V-240V flexible power supply. This device is fitted with different protective features, including overcurrent, overvoltage, thermal, and short-circuit protection.

Artillery also designed this printer with a self-developed 32-bit motherboard, offering better performance. The drivers are also easily replaceable.


The Artillery Hornet works with USBs and has an SD card slot on the side of the screen. This printer is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows and macOS.

Artillery Hornet Review: Beginner-Friendly 3D Printer


The Hornet works with various materials, including TPU, wood, PLA, and PETG. You can produce a variety of models using these materials. Another exciting feature of the Artillery Hornet is that the number of materials it accepts can be expanded with upgrades to an open-frame printer.


You’ll get the Artillery Hornet 3D printer at the following stores:


€159 ($170.50)






  • Print technology: FDM
  • Build volume: 220x220x250
  • Layer resolution: 0.1-0.3mm
  • Filament: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Print file type: Gcode
  • Material Compatibility: PLA, PETG, TPU
  • Size & Weight
  • Product dimensions: 470x410x450mm
  • Shipping Box: 560x500x255mm
  • Printer weight: 8kg
  • Shipping Weight: 9.8kg
  • Electrical
  • Power requirement: 110V/220V, 350W
  • Connectivity: Memory card, USB
  • Mechanical
  • Construction: Aluminium, ABS
  • Build surface: Glass + Aluminium Plate
  • Stepper motors: 1.8 Degree Step Angle with 1/256 micro-stepping
  • XY Positioning precision: 0.01mm
  • Z Positioning precision: 0.1mm

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