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How Does Polyjet Technology Work?

You may be wondering, “how does Polyjet technology work?” Well, the PolyJet jetting head slides to and fro alongside the X-axis, like a line printer, depositing an unmarried super-skinny layer of photopolymer onto the construct tray. Immediately after constructing every layer, UV bulbs along the jetting bridge emit UV light, right away curing and hardening every layer. This step removes the extra put up curing required through different technologies. The inner jetting tray actions down with severe precision and the jet heads preserve constructing, layer through layer, till the version is complete. Sophisticated software program gear permit all heads to paintings in best harmony, to synchronously jet equal quantities of substances at the tray. This effects in a wonderfully even and clean surface. Two exclusive photopolymer substances are used for constructing: one for the real version, and every other gel-like cloth for assist. The geometry of the assist shape is preprogrammed to address complex geometries, consisting of cavities, overhangs, undercuts, sensitive features, and skinny-walled sections. When the construct is finished, a waterJet, without problems, eliminates the assist cloth, leaving a clean surface.

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