Polymaker – Black Polycarbonate ABS FilamentPolymaker – Black Polycarbonate ABS Filament

Polymaker – Black Polycarbonate ABS Filament


Polymaker (Black Polycarbonate ABS Filament) is exceptionally strong, heat-resistant, jam-free, and 1.75mm thick. It requires a chamber temperature between 90-100 ˚C and is precisely winded to avoid the issue of tangling.


Polymaker – Black Polycarbonate ABS Filament has everything that you expect in a quality filament. For example, it is stiff, string, jam-free, tangle-free, consistent, and the most affordable filament brand you will find in the market.

It comes vacuum sealed in a resealable zipper bag, dried, and cleaned. It is made up of Polycarbonate which is tilted the best quality and environment-friendly material used for 3d printing. Always calibrate the printer before printing and after installing either a build plate or new filament. 

Not only that, this ABS filament is guaranteed not to cause jams, clogs, warps, or any other problems that you may have with ordinary filaments. It offers excellent bed adhesion, consistent color to the 3d print, and offers amazing dimensional accuracy. 

Moreover, the Polymaker – Black Polycarbonate ABS Filament produces low odor during the printing process, making it user and environment-friendly. Its strong-build up enables it to withstand high desert, car temperatures, or summer sunshine without shrinking or deforming. 

The Polymaker – Black Polycarbonate ABS Filament is recommended to print automotive interior parts such as door handles, dashboards, etc., and it’s easy-to-metalize property makes it an ideal choice for lighting reflectors. 

Note: To hold down the 3d prints and prevent them from warping, you can use a BuildTak Surface. Anneal the printed parts soon after printing to release the residual stress. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand:   Polymaker
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Color: 1kg Pc-abs, Black
  • Item Weight: 1 Kilogram
  • Item Diameter: 1.75 Millimeters


What is the glass-liquid transition temperature?

The glass-liquid transition temperature refers to the gradual and reversible transition between two states of amorphous material (from a glass brittle solid to a rubbery viscous state) due to a rise in temperature. For example, the glass transition temperature is 113 degrees Celsius. 

What is the heat-resistant temperature limit of the Polymaker Black Polycarbonate ABS Filament?

The Polymaker – Black Polycarbonate ABS Filament has 113 degrees Celsius transition temperature. 

Is a heated build volume recommended for the Polymaker Black Polycarbonate ABS Filament?

Yes. A heated build plate (up to 100-110˚C) and an enclosed chamber are the mandatory requirements of the Polymaker Black Polycarbonate ABS Filament. 

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