Phrozen Aqua Hyperfine ResinPhrozen Aqua Hyperfine Resin

Phrozen Aqua Hyperfine Resin


Designed for the most demanding 3D printing needs, the Aqua Hyperfine Resin is tailored for ultra-high resolution printers of 8K and above. It revolutionizes your printing results by delivering unmatched precision and clarity. Aqua Hyperfine Resin is highly versatile and suitable for any demanding project requiring superior precision and a smooth surface finish.

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Unmatched Clarity and Detail

Designed specifically for ultra-high-resolution 3D printers, our resin guarantees exceptional clarity and intricate detail, making it the perfect choice for advanced 8K printing enthusiasts. Whether you’re working on complex models or detailed miniatures, this resin delivers precision that meets the demands of professional-grade printing.

Superior Precision for 3D Printing Projects

Elevate your 3D printing projects with our meticulously engineered resin. Crafted for achieving stunning textures and intricate details, this resin ensures your prints captivate and impress. Ideal for high-resolution 3D printing, it helps bring your most detailed designs to life with unparalleled accuracy.

Vibrant Color Palette for Creative Expression

Unleash your creativity with our dynamic color palette, offering five bold and vibrant options to inspire your artistic projects. Whether you’re printing figurines, prototypes, or decorative pieces, our resin provides a spectrum of colors to enhance your creations and expand your design possibilities.

Limitless Creativity with Easy Color Mixing

Break free from creative constraints with our resin, designed for effortless color blending. Mix colors seamlessly to create custom hues and gradients, eliminating the need for post-print painting. This feature is perfect for both hobbyists and professionals who seek to push the boundaries of their 3D printing projects.

Hassle-Free Printing Experience with Low Odor

Enjoy a smooth and enjoyable 3D printing experience with our low-viscosity, low-odor resin. It ensures easy handling during printing and post-processing, providing a pleasant, odor-free environment. This makes it an ideal choice for enthusiasts and professionals seeking convenience and ease in their 3D printing workflow.

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