What is a Polyjet 3D Printer?

What is a Polyjet 3D Printer

Have you ever wondered, what is a Polyjet 3D Printer? Well, we have that answer for you right here. Polyjet is an industrial 3D printing technology that builds multilayered prototypes with accurate and smooth parts. The 3d printer produces accurate fixtures, jigs, molds, and other manufacturing tools and incorporates various colors. With an accuracy of up to 0.014mm and microscopic layer resolution, you can produce complex geometries, intricate details, and thin walls using a wide array of available materials. 

Polyjet 3D Printers

Polyjet 3D printers are a subclass of jetting/ material extruding printing categories. The technology jets a liquid from a print head and then solidifies it with UV light. Most of the jetting processes use photopolymer as a building material. Polyjet 3D printers use high-quality materials that can also be in multi-color format. 

The advantages of polymer Jet 3D printers are:

  • 3D Polymer Jet printers have multiple jetting heads that enable printing with different colors in a single build. 
  • You can use several jetting heads to allow the ejection of different build materials simultaneously. This makes it possible to produce an object with different flexibility levels in a single build, hence helpful in building complex materials with smooth finishes. 
  • Polyjet 3D printers use a wide array of available raw materials.
  • Lowering the build platform after an iteration of the layer ensures more control over the accuracy of up to 16 microns. You produce excellent detailing, and there is no need for additional processing or curing. 
Polyjet 3D Printing

Polyjet 3D Printing

Polyjet 3D printing technology is renowned for its excellent surface finish and customizable material properties. This works by jetting resin curable by UV into mold trays. Polyjet 3D printing offers you the most advanced printing solution with incredible speed and precision. You have the advantage of using rubber-like and rigid options, making 3D prints in a few days, and doing multi-material 3D printing. 

How does Polyjet 3D printing work?

Jetting heads at the core of the Polyjet printers deposit a single layer of building material by sliding along the X-axis. Software controls the depth of each photopolymer layer. Raster scanning at the head of the build platform produces precise models. Polyjet 3D printing works by spraying photopolymer liquid from an inkjet-style print multi-nozzle head. UV light immediately cures and hardens the jetted photopolymers. Upon completing the first layer, build platforms form along the Z-axis to allow the ejection of the following photopolymer material. The process continues until the object is complete. 

A guide to Polyjet 3D Printing

To produce the best designs, you need to consider the physical specification of the Polyjet 3D Printers and their limitations.

Here is a guide to Polyjet 3D printing and things to take into account when designing for 3D Polyjet

Build Volume: The build volume of polymer Jet a printer is around 19.3″ *15.4″ *7.9″. Therefore, the maximum size of an object you can print cannot be larger than the printer’s dimensions. 

Tolerance: Consider the tolerance of your 3D Polyjet printer when creating your design. The smaller the printed parts, the higher the tolerance.

Layer heights: The height of the layer alters the quality and resolution of the product. 

Feature design: The design features of your products determine the result of the product. It is crucial to consider a guide to 3D printing regarding wall thickness, fillets/ chamfers, holes/pins, fastening hardware, text, and ribs of the product.

Do you want to print 3D samples, short runs of parts, and prototypes of final products? You can use Polyjet 3D printing to build accurate and solid layers with a high accuracy rate. Polyjet 3D printing technology offers unmatched multi-material, better print speeds, and soluble support material. 

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