Dremel 3D Printing BT20-01 Build SheetsDremel 3D Printing BT20-01 Build Sheets

Dremel BT20-01 Build Sheets


Dremel 3D Printing BT20-01 is durable and convenient to use build sheet. It comes to three for the price of one. It is easy to use and install. Its single-sheet material is convenient to apply and gives bubble-free installation.


Dremel 3D Printing BT20-01 Build Sheets are removable, flexible, and durable 3D build plates. It has the capacity of supporting more than 100 3D models without any warping or quality issues.

It is kept convenient to install. You have to remove the lower adhesive sheet to attach it to the hotbed. Once the model is complete, the super smooth and flat surface offers convenient removal of the models.

Its single-sheet material allows bubble-free installation. Its incomparable flatness offers better print quality without leaving any residue.

Furthermore, the Dremel 3D Printing BT20-01 build sheet is easier to clean with ordinary alcohol and a wipe cloth. You can also use hairspray before starting a new model or after finishing the print.

Technical Description:

  • Package Include: 3X Dremel Build Sheets
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible Printers: All Dremel Printers have the same Build Dimensions


Is the Dremel 3D Printing BT20-01 Build Sheets durable?

The Dremel 3D Printing BT20-01 Build Sheet is usable for 4-5 prints. After that, it loses its adherence property and is required to be replaced.

Do I need a build sheet for Dremel 3D 20?

Yes, you need a replaceable build sheet for the Dremel 3D 20. The BT20-01 Build Sheet is the correct size for this printer.

Do I need to apply any additional adhesive?

No. The BT20-01 Build Sheet has 2 layers: the lower one is the sticky removable sheet while the upper one is the magnetic build sheet which is the actual build surface to be used for creating models. The lower one will be attached to the hotbed and you do not need any adhesive material.


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