PopuSingTop 3D Resin Printer 192X120mm Flexible Build Plate Platform Magnetic MatPopuSingTop 3D Resin Printer 192X120mm Flexible Build Plate Platform Magnetic Mat

PopuSingTop Resin 192X120mm Flexible Build Plate Platform Magnetic Mat

PopuSingTop 192X120mm Flexible Build Plate is bendable, removable, and 7.55*4.72 inches large. It is designed to be sued in all kinds of SLA 3D resin printers. It offers excellent adhesion and super smooth removal (by just bending a little of the build plate).


PopuSingTop 3D Resin Printer 192X120mm Flexible Build Plate is designed to fit any resin printer (Elegoo Saturn V1, Saturn Voxelab Proxima 8.9″ 4K Flashforge Foto 8.9 3D Printer, etc.) having build dimensions under 192*120mm.

It is easy to install. It comes with a lower adhesive base and an upper magnetic sheet that is the actual build plate. To install the PopuSingTop magnetic build plate, you will take off the adhesive base from the sheet and put the upper magnetic sheet on the hotbed.

The PopuSingTop build sheet is designed to be anti-scratch, and anti-warp, and has a strong adsorption force. Along with providing a strong adhesion, this build plate also offers a smooth removal of the print without damaging it.

The resin steel coating on the magnetic build plate enhances its durability and ensures a super smooth and flawless build surface. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the quality of the build plate and 12 hours/working day customer care service.

Following are some care instructions for the PopuSingTop magnetic build plate:

  • Never scratch the surface
  • Never bend the surface plate excessively
  • Always clean the build surface before the first print
  • Never forget to level the build plate and nozzle
  • Use only alcohol to clean it

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Resin, Steel
  • Color:  Silver
  • Size: 192X120mm or 7.55*4.72
  • Compatible Printers: All SLA 3D Resin Printers
  • Compatible Material: Alloy Steel, Resin


What is the life span or durability of the PopuSingTop build plate?

If leveled properly, cleaned regularly, and used as instructed, you won’t have to replace the PopuSingTop build plate soon. It just needs care to retain its adherence, coating, and thus functionality.

Do I need to install a Z spacer for the PopuSingTop build plate?

Yes. You will install the Z-Spacer when using the PopuSingTop build plate with Saturn and Mars both.  

Is the PopuSingTop compatible with Phrozen might 4K?

The PopuSingTop magnetic build plate (192*120mm) is compatible with all the SLA 3D resin printers having the same build dimensions.

How strong is the magnet of the PopuSingTop magnetic build plate?

The PopuSingTop magnetic build plate’s magnets are very strong and would not come off in the vat even upon shaking vigorously. Irrespective of the intensity of usage of the build plate, the magnets are installed so firmly that they won’t come out. 


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