FYSETC 3D Printing Build PlateFYSETC 3D Printing Build Plate

FYSETC Build Plate


FYSETC 3D Printing Build Plate is removable, ultra-flexible, and reusable. It has dual layers: A: Removable Magnetic Plate, B: Strong Adhesive Plate to stick on the hotbed. Removal of 3D models has made a child’s play with this super flexible and smooth surface build plate.


FYSETC 3D Printing Build Plate is a magnetic build surface that is designed for a heated bed printer. its compatible printing materials are PLA TPU Wood filament and not PETG and ABS filament (you should go for a glass bed or spring steel plate if you want to print ABS or PETG).

It is kept easier to install. The user will stick the lower adhesive build plate layer/sheet to the Heatbed and rotate the upper magnetic layer onto it until an audible click. That’s all, your printer is all set to generate 3D prints!

The FYSETC 3D printer goes up to 50-75 degrees temperature (should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius) to print its compatible filaments. Beware of the hotbed temperature, if it goes above 80˚C, it may lose its magnetism and may bend inward).

It is customizable and can be cut to any size according to your printer’s printing bed size. The FYSETC 3D Printing Build Plate is round in shape and owns a diameter of 120mm (4.72 inches), perfect for the MP Select Mini Delta and other 3D printers having the same build plate dimensions.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: FYSETC
  • Material: Plastic
  • Diameter Size: Around 120mm
  • Thickness: A Plate: 1mm, B Plate: 0.6mm
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible Printer: Monoprice Select mini-Delta
  • Compatible Material: PETG, Wood, Alloy Steel, PLA, ABS, TPP,


Is an FYSETC 3D Printing Build Plate worth buying?

If we do a comparison between the features (super easy to install and convenient removal of 3D models, excellent adhesion, flexibility, and durability) and the price of the FYSETC 3D Printing Build Plate, then definitely the winner will be the build plate.

Do I need the print head before printing with FYSETC 3D Printing Build Plate?

Yes. It is mandatory to level the print head to not let it touch the printer plate, otherwise, it may burn a hold in it. In worst cases, the prints adhere to the plastic under the top cover, making it impossible to remove the print.

What is the right way to install the FYSETC 3D Printing Build Plate?

To install the FYSETC 3D Printing Build Plate on a hotbed, you will rotate the until it “clicks” in place which confirms the accurate installation of the plate. Otherwise, the build plate will be moving and it will affect the printing quality also.


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