NovaMaker – Blue ABS FilamentNovaMaker – Blue ABS Filament

NovaMaker – Blue ABS Filament


Experience superior 3D printing with Novamaker Blue ABS Filament. Its unique bulk-polymerized resin reduces odor and warping. Ideal for strong, flexible, and heat-resistant prints. Best for projects that require high-temperature resistance.


NovaMaker – Blue ABS Filament

Novamaker Blue ABS filament is known for its specialty bulk-polymerized ABS resin. It contains significantly less volatile content compared to traditional ABS resins, resulting in reduced odor and warping. 

To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use a heated printing bed and an enclosed build space while 3D printing ABS at temperatures between 220°C and 250°C.

Novamaker Blue ABS filament produces 3D-printed parts that are more flexible and less brittle than those made with PLA filament

This material can endure heat, pressure, and stress, making it a great choice for projects that require wear and tear resistance

Furthermore, ABS filament has a high-temperature resistance and takes much more heat to reach its glass transition temperature compared to PLA, making it suitable for objects that remain in the sun.

It guarantees the consistent size of this 1.75mm ABS filament as produced under strict manufacturing standards. 

It comes in vacuum-sealed bags to keep humidity at a minimum. Not only it helps you prevent nozzle clogging but also bubbles to not interrupt its performance.


  • Color: Blue
  • Diameter: 1.75MM
  • Tolerance Level: ±0.02MM
  • Recommended Print Speed: 50 – 100 mm/s
  • Recommended Print Temperature: 220-240°C
  • Recommended Heating Bed Temperature:80 to 120 °C



Why do my 3D-printed objects get ruined after a few layers? They keep detaching from the print bed. The print head temperature is set to 240°C and the print bed is at 110°C.

If you are facing this issue, you should use auto-leveling and a printer enclosure, or you can fix the issue by switching to a smooth bed. Thoroughly cleaned the bed with IPA and recalibrate the first layer. Additionally, you can apply a glue stick to the heated bed. You will have successful prints using a print head temperature of 245°C and a bed temperature of 110°C.

What makes this filament unique?

This ABS filament is made with a specialty bulk-polymerized ABS resin which has lower volatile content compared to traditional ABS resins. It makes less odor and warping during 3D printing.

How does this filament be better than other 3D printer filaments?

NovaMaker ABS filament is stronger and more durable than other materials such as PLA and has a higher resistance to heat. 

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