Gizmo Dorks – Carbon Fiber ABS FilamentGizmo Dorks – Carbon Fiber ABS Filament

Gizmo Dorks – Carbon Fiber ABS Filament


This Gizmo Dorks Carbon Fiber Filament allows you to achieve beautiful matte black finished stiff parts that hide the unsightly layer lines commonly seen in 3D printed objects.


Gizmo Dorks – Carbon Fiber ABS Filament

This revolutionary Gizmo Dorks Carbon Fiber Filament is the ultimate solution for creating robust and durable 3D printed parts. This cutting-edge filament is specially crafted by blending ABS with the generous help of high-modulus carbon fiber, resulting in a powerful combination of strength and stability. 

With the addition of carbon fiber, the filament boasts an impressive level of stiffness and minimal dimensional change during printing. The lightweight carbon fiber also ensures a smooth and seamless printing process, resulting in a polished, professional finish.

It requires a printing temperature range of 200-220°C for the extruder and a platform temperature of 100-120°C. Moreover, it also requires a minimum nozzle size of 0.04mm.

A word of caution: Its abrasive nature may cause damage to brass or aluminum nozzles. To ensure longevity and the best results, we recommend using nozzles made of hardened steel. These nozzles are known to be much more resistant to wear, making them a perfect choice for this filament.


  • Brand: Gizmo Dorks
  • General material type: ABS Carbon Fiber
  • Color: Matte Black 
  • Extrusion Temp: 200-220°C
  • Item diameter: 1.75mm
  • Speed: 50 – 80 mm/s
  • Recommended nozzle size: At least 0.5 mm
  • Wall thickness: 0.8 mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.1 mm



Can Carbon Fiber Filament be used for printing functional parts?

Yes, Gizmo Dorks Carbon Fiber Filament is suitable for printing functional parts due to its strength and stiffness properties. 

Is it abrasive to the printer nozzles?

Yes, the carbon fiber particles in the filament can be abrasive to the printer nozzles, leading to premature wear in brass or aluminum nozzles. It is recommended to use hardened steel nozzles for better wear resistance.

Can this filament be used for printing flexible parts?

Gizmo Dorks Carbon Fiber Filament is not recommended for printing flexible parts as it is stiff and strong due to the carbon fiber. 

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