ANYCUBIC 3D Printer Resin, 405nm UV Plant-Based Rapid Resin, Low Odor, Photopolymer Resin for LCD 3D Printing,1kg Grey


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✦Excellent Use Effect: The model printed with ANYCUBIC resin has very pure and amazing color effects, presenting you a more perfect printed model.
✦High-speed Solidification: The resin can ensure the strength of the molded part without excessive shrinkage, shorten the curing time, and ensure the high precision and smoothness of the printed model.


Plant-Based Resin Plant-Based Resin

Usage Condition

Advisable usage temperature: 20-25℃.

Shake up the bottle before use and avoid direct sunlight and dust. Wear a mask and gloves to avoid direct skin contact and take care of indoor ventilation.

Once the model is complete, please wash it with ethanol alcohol for no less than 30 seconds or with dish wash liquid solution.


When printing large model, please increase the build plate contact of the model or lower the infill density to avoid wrapping.

Wash with a number of water immediately if got accidently skin contact. If feel discomfort after you got skin contact, please see a doctor ASAP.

Do not drink it and keep it sealed and out of the reach of children

uv resin blackuv resin black

Anycubic Plant-based Resins

Ultralow odor without nasty chemicals!

No VOCs, no BPA, no harmful chemicals.

Complied with EN 71-3:2013 safety stand.ard

Optimized curing time for Anycubic Photon, offering better printing quality.

Sensitive to 355nm~405nm UV light. Compatible with most LCD/DLP 3D printers.


Store in a dry and dust-free place under 15℃-35℃.

Keep it sealed and keep it away from sunlight.

Widely Used in Daily Life

  • Quite a lot of anime model printing
  • All architectural model printing
  • Delicate jewelry printing
  • DIY printing, print anything you like
  • Educational printing, teaching display
  • Aeronautical learning…

<a href=”javascript:void(0)” data-csa-c-func-deps=”aui-da-a-expander-toggle” data-csa-c-type=”widget” data-csa-interaction-events=”click” aria-expanded=”false” role=”button” data-action=”a-expander-toggle” class=”a-declarative” data-a-expander-toggle=”unusual smell: The use of soybean oil as raw material, the source is green and environmentally friendly, with ultra-low odor. No VOC, no BPA, no irritating and harmful chemical substances in line with EN 71-3:2013 safety standards.
✦High Compatibility: 355nm-410nm wide band, suitable for most LCD/DLP light curing 3D printers, its excellent stability ensures the printing experience and successful printing.
✦Storage Instructions: It is strongly recommended to store in a dry, dust-free place at 15°C-35°C, sealed and stored, and avoid direct sunlight, with a view to impact the quality of the resin.

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