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Whether you’re an artist, engineer, designer, or educator, the Creality Halot Mage Pro 3D Printer is your gateway to limitless creativity. Experience unparalleled print quality, efficiency, and ease of use. Elevate your projects and bring your most intricate ideas to life with the Creality Halot Mage Pro 3D Printer – where precision and innovation converge.

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Get ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship with the Creality Halot Mage Pro 3D Printer. Whether you’re a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of additive manufacturing, this cutting-edge printer delivers exceptional performance, precision, and innovation, making it the perfect companion for your most ambitious projects.


  • Build Volume: 228x128x230mm
  • Product Size: 333x270x608mm
  • Product Weight: 13.3kg
  • Printing Speed: ≤170mm/h
  • Layer Height: 0.05-0.15mm
  • LCD Screen: 10.3“ monochrome screen
  • LCD Resolution: 8K
  • XY Resolution: 29.7microns
  • Connectivity: USB, RJ45 cable, WiFi, Creality Cloud
  • Slicing Software: HALOT BOX, CHITUBOX, Lychee Slicer
  • Display Screen: 4.3″ color touchscreen



Revolutionary Hyper Speed for Lightning-Fast Printing

Prepare to be amazed by a printing speed that surpasses the competition by a staggering 3 to 5 times while delivering uncompromised print quality. Our data, sourced from Creality Lab, reveals a typical speed of 70mm/h. To achieve these remarkable speeds, Creality’s specially formulated fast resin is recommended.

Cutting-Edge Algorithms for Unleashing High-Speed Printing Potential

Behind the scenes, our self-developed algorithms work tirelessly to maximize the capabilities of high-speed printing. Advanced motor control algorithms propel motor speeds to an impressive 100mm/s. The HALOT BOX support-adding algorithm ensures that your models adhere securely throughout the printing process, eliminating the risk of detachment.

Agile “Dynax” Motion System for Swift Printing Transitions

The printer’s build plate exhibits remarkable agility as it swiftly lifts and lowers in a mere 1.2 seconds. This rapid motion system enables seamless layer transitions, allowing for continuous printing without interruptions. It also guarantees the creation of delicate and precise model surfaces.

Pro-Level Results with 10.3″ 8K LCD Display

Elevate your 3D printing experience with our state-of-the-art 10.3-inch 8K monochrome LCD screen. Featuring an XY resolution of 29.7μm, it outperforms standard 4K printers with their 50μm resolution. This impressive technology extends the build volume to a generous 228x128x230mm, providing you with ample space to bring your creative visions to life.

Integral Light Source 3.0 for Consistency and Precision

The Integral Light Source 3.0 is a game-changer in achieving consistent print quality. With over 90% light uniformity and an astonishing light intensity of 8000μw/cm², this technology ensures that every part of your model receives uniform curing. It takes just 1 second to cure a layer with standard 405nm resin, resulting in impeccably smooth surfaces and crisply defined contours.

Smart Air Purification System for Cleaner Printing Environments

Our printer is equipped with an intelligent air purifier that’s seamlessly integrated and controlled directly from the device. Featuring a replaceable activated carbon filter that’s 5.8 times larger than competing filters, it efficiently absorbs and neutralizes resin odors. A rear vent hole simplifies the connection of an exhaust tube, enhancing the overall printing environment.

Game-Changing Smart Resin Pump for Effortless Resin Handling

The HALOT-MAGE PRO introduces a groundbreaking smart resin pump that automates the resin fill and withdrawal processes. This innovation is capable of refilling or recovering 1 liter of resin in less than half an hour, reducing manual handling and minimizing splashes and stains. The flexible feeding tube can be easily positioned in any resin container for added convenience.

Seamless Printing and Monitoring Anywhere with Smart Connectivity

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility with various connectivity options. Whether it’s controlling or monitoring your printer remotely through the Creality Cloud APP or WEB using cloud printing, commanding printing from a PC on the same LAN with LAN printing (requires HALOT BOX), importing printable files from a USB drive for uninterrupted printing, or enabling remote monitoring with an optional USB camera, we’ve got you covered.

Powerful CPU and HALOT OS for Effortless Printing

The HALOT-MAGE PRO is driven by the self-developed HALOT OS, featuring a user-friendly interface. This operating system seamlessly synchronizes data and commands across PCs, phones, and Creality Cloud. The high-performance CPU ensures that even high-speed printing is executed with ease and precision.

Expanded Slicing Options for Customized Printing

Our self-developed HALOT BOX simplifies the slicing workflow and offers an array of presets to cater to your specific needs. Additionally, the HALOT-MAGE PRO maintains compatibility with other slicer software, ensuring that you have the freedom to choose the slicing solution that best suits your preferences.

Versatile and User-Friendly PC Build Surface

The PC spring steel sheet boasts versatility with two notches and a magnetic base for quick and secure installation. Its frosted surface provides exceptional adhesion to models during printing, yet models can be effortlessly removed with a slight bend after the printing process is complete.

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