Creality Halot Mage 3D PrinterCreality Halot Mage 3D Printer

Creality Halot Mage 3D Printer


Whether you’re a seasoned 3D printing enthusiast or just starting your journey, the Creality Halot Mage 3D Printer offers a blend of precision, speed, and convenience that will elevate your creative potential.


Unleash your imagination and bring your wildest 3D printing dreams to life with the Creality Halot Mage 3D Printer. This cutting-edge, high-precision 3D printer is engineered to empower makers, designers, and hobbyists to craft stunning, intricate, and functional objects with unparalleled ease.


  • Printing Technology: LCD MSLA
  • Build Volume: 228x128x230mm
  • Product Dimensions: 333x270x608mm
  • Product Weight: 12kg
  • Printing Speed: 1-5s/layer
  • Resolution: 29.7 microns
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Slicing Software: Halot Box, Chitubox, and Lychee Slicer


Expansive Build Volume

HALOT-MAGE showcases an impressive large LCD screen, providing an expansive build volume of 228x128x230mm. This represents a significant increase, approximately 45%, compared to an 8.9-inch printer. With this enlarged workspace, you can now embark on more ambitious projects, allowing your creativity to flourish on a grander scale.

Compact Efficiency

Remarkably, HALOT-MAGE achieves a 32% increase in size efficiency, making it the most compact resin printer within its mid-size category while maintaining a similar generous build volume. This efficient design opens up additional space for you to explore exciting and innovative endeavors.

Exceptional 8K Mono LCD

HALOT-MAGE adopts an impressive 8K mono LCD, boasting a staggering 33,177,600 pixels and an astonishing 29.7μm XY resolution. This remarkable leap from the standard 50μm found in regular 4K displays brings your creations to life with unparalleled precision. It breathes life into details like hair, fabric textures, skin tones, and organic shapes, turning every print into a captivating masterpiece.

Convenient Flip Lid Design

The HALOT-MAGE features a user-friendly flip lid that can be effortlessly opened and closed with just one hand, eliminating the need to set it aside. When opened, it only adds a mere 1/4 to its height, optimizing space efficiency.

Effective UV Light Blocking

The distinctive orange tint of HALOT-MAGE serves a practical purpose by blocking an impressive 99.89% of ambient UV light. This minimal interference ensures consistent and accurate printing results.

Stylish and Practical Design

HALOT-MAGE boasts a design characterized by clean, rigid lines and subtle chamfering, delivering a stylish, simple, and sleek aesthetic that complements any workspace.

Efficient Odor Control

The printer is equipped with a replaceable activated carbon filter that is 5.8 times larger than competing models. This filter efficiently absorbs irritating resin odors, ensuring a more pleasant and odor-free printing environment. Additionally, a vent hole is located at the back, allowing for the connection of a vent tube.

*Note: The carbon filter typically lasts approximately 3 months before requiring replacement.

Stability and Precision

HALOT-MAGE’s Z-axis incorporates dual rigid linear rails and is powered by a robust motor. This design significantly reduces wobbling and is well-suited for handling larger and heavier prints with remarkable stability and precision.

Intuitive Workflow

The self-developed HALOT BOX streamlines your 3D printing experience with its intuitive 4-stage workflow and includes numerous presets for added convenience. HALOT-MAGE is also compatible with other slicer software for those who prefer alternative options.

Durable LCD Screen

The LCD screen of HALOT-MAGE is protected by tempered glass with a tight seal, providing resilience against impacts, scratches, and resin leaks, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

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